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Having the curves of a full or voluptuous figure.

cur·va′ceous·ly adv.
cur·va′ceous·ness n.
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Adv.1.curvaceously - in a curvaceous way; "his date was curvaceously beguiling"


advüppig, prall
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The traditional bonnet mascot's gone, replaced by a larger brand badge in the centre of a more prominent front grille flanked by a redesigned pair of curvaceously flowing headlamps.
In the meantime, he is happy to remain on tyneside living in the house whose view takes in the curvaceously contoured building that has provided "really precious memories" - and, from time to time, joining the punters at the ticket desk.
Taking a closer look you can't help but admire the curvaceously, rounded hull of Carkeek's new C60 design, not dissimilar to the current crop of TP52S.
Taking inspiration from the art deco era and Berry's own memories of a beloved object d'art, the flacon is curvaceously shaped like a four-sided teardrop, with ridges that make it tactile.
Television viewers' ideal body proportions: The case of the curvaceously thin women.
WHO would have guessed Sean's internet chats under the cunning alias of "Liz McDonald, Curvaceously Blonde Landlady of The Rovers Return, Coronation Street, Weatherfield, Greater Manchester" would result in a bevy of salivating, weirdo losers beating a path to her door?
The latest generation of Alto - the seventh - is curvaceously cute and boasts an abundance of kerbside appeal.
For instance, dogs stiffen, bare their teeth, and raise their head, hairs bristling, when they're in an attack mode or confronting an enemy, but sink curvaceously and flexuously when they're in a humble and affectionate frame of mind.