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Having the curves of a full or voluptuous figure.

cur·va′ceous·ly adv.
cur·va′ceous·ness n.
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Noun1.curvaceousness - the quality of having a well-rounded body
pulchritude - physical beauty (especially of a woman)
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Reclaimed youthfulness or new-found curvaceousness.
alphomes the longest shortie is curvaceousness (14; plural 16), the
The 35-year-old has become an icon of curvaceousness for her stunning 39D-30-39 figure.
It may seem old-fashioned because of the nature of the curves--the cute curvaceousness that's been a no-no for many years.
Despite its curvaceousness the tulip is surprisingly flattering, offering a lovely silhouette to those who are a bit straight up and down and skimming over hips and thighs to disguise bulges for those who a little more hourglass.