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 (kûr′və-lĭn′ē-ər) also cur·vi·lin·e·al (-əl)
Formed, bounded, or characterized by curved lines.

[Latin curvus, curved; see curve + linear.]

cur′vi·lin′e·ar′i·ty (-ē-ăr′ĭ-tē) n.
cur′vi·lin′e·ar·ly adv.


(ˌkɜːvɪˈlɪnɪə) or


1. (Mathematics) consisting of, bounded by, or characterized by a curved line
2. (Mathematics) along a curved line: curvilinear motion.
3. (Mathematics) maths (of a set of coordinates) determined by or determining a system of three orthogonal surfaces
ˌcurviˌlineˈarity n
ˌcurviˈlinearly adv


(ˌkɜr vəˈlɪn i ər)

also cur`vi•lin′e•al,

1. consisting of or bounded by curved lines: a curvilinear figure.
2. formed or characterized by curved lines.
[1700–10; < Latin curv(us) curve + -i- + linear]
cur`vi•lin`e•ar′i•ty (-ˈær ɪ ti) n.
cur`vi•lin′e•ar•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.curvilinear - characterized by or following a curved line; "curvilinear tracery"; "curvilinear motion"
curved, curving - having or marked by a curve or smoothly rounded bend; "the curved tusks of a walrus"; "his curved lips suggested a smile but his eyes were hard"


Deviating from a straight line:


adj (= full of curves) tracery etcmit vielen Rundungen or Kurven; (= curved) motion, coursegewunden; (Geometry) figurekrummlinig begrenzt
References in classic literature ?
The projectile was following its curvilinear direction round the moon.
And it is equally impossible for me to form the abstract idea of motion distinct from the body moving, and which is neither swift nor slow, curvilinear nor rectilinear; and the like may be said of all other abstract general ideas whatsoever.
At the same time dodging behind Durdles, and snarling at Jasper, now from this side of him, and now from that: prepared, if pounced upon, to dart away in all manner of curvilinear directions, and, if run down after all, to grovel in the dust, and cry: 'Now, hit me when I'm down
The highest blooded and best trained hound, with his game in view, could not have run with an eye more riveted than that with which the Doctor had pursued his curvilinear course.
Noble believes that the acquisition of LWI and its industry-leading curvilinear laser welding technology will allow it to eliminate approximately $2 million in capital spending from its 2004 budget.
Each bird varies slightly in shading and detailing; luscious shingles of curvilinear strokes make up the feathers, hinting at a gutsy AbEx touch.
The tower offers a rich dialogue of setbacks; terraces, open-air pavilions, curvilinear shapes, and canopies to define the corner as well as lend human scale and interest to the streetwall.
The first physical encounter with the buildings includes Trust Point, the northernmost promontory (the helipad with its terraced gardens), and the curvilinear foyers of the 450 seat galleried conference auditorium.
The J Series desktops feature a sophisticated color-contrasting front bezel, curvilinear design components, custom designed side-access air ventilation and several optional accessories, such as the ThinkVision USB SoundBar and ThinkPlus Preferred Pro USB Fingerprint Keyboard.
LWI is a leader in curvilinear welding and has produced more than one million curvilinear welds per year since 1998.
These bulbous, rough-hewn figures contrast sharply with the "moderne" curvilinear vessels Can, 1999, and Conical Flask, 2000, while the more horizontal Can-Can, Rod, and Sinbad (all 2000) feature thick edges and slashing hollows that cleave them into segments.
Designed by renowned architect Costas Kondylis, the residences boast expansive bay windows and over-sized curvilinear corner windows which afford breathtaking views of Central Park and the reservoir.