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A volumetric unit for measuring the flow of liquids, equal to one cubic foot per second.


(Units) a unit of flow equal to 1 cubic foot per second. 1 cusec is equivalent to 0.028 317 cubic metre per second
[C20: from cu(bic foot per) sec(ond)]


(ˈkyu sɛk)

a unit of flow of one cubic foot per second.
[1910–15; cu(bic foot per)sec(ond)]
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According to Director Regulation IRSA Khalid Rana, the recent rainfall in the catchment areas increased inflows in all major rivers and on Saturday, river inflows increased from 39,000 cusecs to 51,000 cusecs while on Sunday, the inflows further increased from 51,000 cusecs to 69,000 cusecs.
Similarly, he said Mangla outflow has been decreased to 10,000 cusecs from 15,000 cusecs with immediate effect.
Barrages: Jinnah: Inflows 62500 cusecs and Outflows 56500 cusecs, Chashma: Inflows 51300 cusecs and Outflows 47000 cusecs, Taunsa: Inflows 50100 cusecs and Outflows 43400 cusecs, Panjnad: Inflows 4000 cusecs and Outflows Nil Guddu:
Water inflow in the dam was recorded as 26,400 cusecs and outflow as 50,000 cusecs.
Kabul at Nowshera: Inflows 3500 cusecs and Outflows 3500 cusecs.
Water inflow in the dam was recorded as 27,900 cusecs and outflow as 50,000 cusecs.
Water inflow in the dam was recorded as 32,900 cusecs and outflow as 35,000 cusecs.
Barrages: Jinnah: Inflows 57700 cusecs and Outflows 52200 cusecs; Chashma: Inflows 46400 cusecs and Outflows 44000 cusecs; Taunsa: Inflows 40300 cusecs and Outflows 39800 cusecs; Panjnad: Inflows 11100 cusecs and Outflows 4100 cusecs;
Rivers: Indus at Tarbela: Inflows 295300 cusecs and Outflows 266200
Kabul at Nowshera: Inflows 2,900 cusecs and outflows 2,900 cusecs.
Barrages: Jinnah: Inflows 214100 cusecs and Outflows 206300 cusecs, Chashma: Inflows 240600 cusecs and Outflows 225000 cusecs, Taunsa: Inflows 225000 cusecs and Outflows 203500 cusecs, Panjnad: Inflows 15500 cusecs and Outflows Nil, Guddu: Inflows 194300 cusecs and Outflows 158700 cusecs, Sukkur: Inflows 127700 cusecs and Outflows 74100 cusecs, Kotri: Inflows 59700 cusecs and Outflows 27300.
Barrages: Jinnah: Inflows 48100 cusecs and Outflows 42100 cusecs, Chashma: Inflows 39300 cusecs and Outflows 35000 cusecs, Taunsa: Inflows 37600 cusecs and Outflows 37100 cusecs, Panjnad: Inflows 4900 cusecs