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1. A pad or pillow with a soft filling, used for resting, reclining, or kneeling.
2. Something resilient used as a rest, support, or shock absorber.
3. A mat placed or attached beneath carpeting to provide softness and increase durability.
4. A padlike body part.
5. Games The rim bordering the playing surface of a billiard table.
6. A pillow used in lacemaking.
7. Something that mitigates or relieves an adverse effect: extra funds serving as a cushion against future inflation.
tr.v. cush·ioned, cush·ion·ing, cush·ions
1. To provide with a cushion: cushion a bench.
2. To place or seat on a cushion.
3. To cover or hide (something) with or as if with a cushion.
4. To protect from impacts or other disturbing effects: an automobile suspension that cushions the ride.
5. To mitigate the effects of; absorb the shock of: cushion a blow.

[Middle English cushin, from Old French coussin, from Vulgar Latin *coxīnum, from Latin coxa, hip.]

cush′ion·y adj.
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Adj.1.cushiony - softened by the addition of cushions or paddingcushiony - softened by the addition of cushions or padding
soft - yielding readily to pressure or weight
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Four keen eyes noted the soft, cushiony double chin, the heavy breasts, ample stomach, spreading hips, and thick shoulders, rounded from many years of bending over her kitchen table.
em all for shapes: you see he holds his head like a sodger, and he isn't so cushiony as most o' the oldish gentlefolks--they run fat in general; and he's got a fine leg.
In addition to posts for detachable sling swivels, the stock has a cushiony recoil pad that does a great job of soaking up rearward push.
Upon a tour of the property with the gentleman, everything from a Christmas tree that was made from the discarded cushiony base of floral arrangements and old bed sheets to the old and damaged towels that were laundered, cut and embroidered to be reused in washrooms and old staff uniforms that were disposed of in the green donation bins - their initiatives directed towards sustainability were applaudable.
Even the classic cushiony sofa becomes more interesting when it's upholstered with hand-loomed, cream-colored cotton that still bears its rough-hewn knots.
I can't wait for that nice cushiony bed," Belinda Gillespie said.
Stippled surface texturing at the wrist and fore-end will be appreciated by slippery hands during a wet-weather hunt, and a cushiony, 0.
Caption: Thick, flexible, cushiony padding between pistol and body is what makes the N82 so exquisitely comfortable for inside the waistband carry.
When these basic mechanisms are being properly addressed through simple means, bio-resonance testing followed by specific energetic drops to remove this cushiony environment and awaken immune responses, Lyme and all other infections suddenly find their good homes turned into a hot soup, and homeless they go.
elk, lightweight, durable, cushiony and breathable material, serves as an excellent substitute for polyurethane in a range of cushioning applications.
Its splintered limb jutted from the cushiony back like a broken bone, and a pile of yarn and fluff that overflowed Stella's lap had fallen down around her feet.
This revolutionary product's soft, cushiony texture offers the silky smoothness of a silicone-based lube with the easy cleanup and rich glide of a water-based product.