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 (kŭs′pĭ-dāt′) also cus·pi·dat·ed (-dā′tĭd)
1. Having a cusp.
2. Biology Terminating in or tipped with a sharp firm point: a cuspidate leaf apex.

[Latin cuspidātus, past participle of cuspidāre, to make pointed, from cuspis, cuspid-, point.]


(ˈkʌspɪˌdeɪt) ,




1. having a cusp or cusps
2. (Botany) (esp of leaves) narrowing to a point
[C17: from Latin cuspidāre to make pointed, from cuspis a point]


(ˈkʌs pɪˌdeɪt)

also cus′pi•dat`ed,

1. having a cusp or cusps.
2. coming to a stiff point: cuspidate leaves.
[1685–95; < New Latin cuspidātus= Latin cuspid- (see cuspid) + -ātus -ate1]
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Adj.1.cuspidate - having cusps or points
angulate, angular - having angles or an angular shape


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His splintery essays and cuspidate book reviews come directly out of the poet-critic tradition.
4 cm, green, campanulate, 5-lobed, cuspidate, without rifts, tomentose, with glandular trichomes stipitate, without nectaries; corolla 3-4 x ca.
Taxol promising fungal endophyte, Pestalotiopsis species isolated from Taxus cuspidate.
5-3 cm, base nearly round, truncate or slightly cuneate, margins with short and triangular teeth, each ending in a callose papilla, apex acuminate to cuspidate, green and often suffused with purple and slightly puberulous on the abaxial surface, venation brochidodromous, secondary veins 6-8 pairs, ascending in ca.
Astyanax fasciatus is popularly known as "lambari do rabo vermelho", found along Upper Parana River basin, and there is a higher frequency of capture of this fish in tributaries; the species shows light silver body color, red fins, cuspidate teeth, short reproductive dislocation, external fertilization, no parental care, and omnivorous feeding habit (Duke Energy, 2008).
Thus, dentitions of Prolatodon bucheri and Prolatodon contrarius can be identified as belonging to a grasping-crushing feeding strategy (following the terminology of Cappetta, 1986, 1987) with cuspidate anterior teeth and flat lateral teeth.
5-(13) cm, elliptic-lanceolate, cuspidate apically and acute to obtuse basally, 5-nerved, secondary lateral veins 1-2 mm distant chartaceous to coriaceous, entire, with broadly revolute margins, brownish green and glabrous adaxially, pale rusty-brown abaxially; petioles 18-30 (35) mm long and 1.
Studies on factors influencing stability and recovery of paclitaxel from suspension media and cultures of Taxus cuspidate cv densiformis by high-performance liquid chromatography.
OBW-15 Taxus cuspidate Siebold & Kangwon Zucc (Taxaceae); small region, branch Korea Rhizoctonia sp.
Shrubs observed were Dodonea viscose, Olea cuspidate, Zizphus numularia, Nannorophus ratichiana.
2 mm wide, ovate-lanceolate, slightly keeled, green to purplish brown, apex cuspidate, 1-6 mm long.
castanea were taken from a conifer, Taxus cuspidate Siebold and Zucc (Taxaceae), and ornamental azaleas, Rhododendron sp.