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A dish consisting of milk, eggs, flavoring, and sometimes sugar, boiled or baked until set.

[Middle English crustade, custard, a pie with a crust, probably from Old Provençal croustado; see croustade.]

cus′tard·y adj.


resembling custard
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Inspired by a similar dessert made famous by La Vina in San Sebastian, Spain, The Workshop baked its own version of the Basque pastry, which is light, custardy and doesn't have a Graham cracker base.
We sucked the custardy pulp off the seeds inside cacao pods, smelled clove buds and peeled a bit of bark from a cinnamon tree.
Though we love the smooth, custardy sweetness, we may hate the additives listed on the carton's back panel.
the custardy of Archaeology department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Best was a crema Catalana whose vanilla custardy richness had been lightened to a froth by being piped through an espuma gun, the resulting mousse crowned with a couple of shards of caramel.
Delightful just as they are (and I must report they are excellent dunkers), I wanted to fancy things up a little and make them a little more substantial, so I thought of a nice custardy icing, packed with fresh vanilla seeds, along with a nice sharp raspberry jam.
The caneles, still warm, possess that perfect texture--caramelized and crusty, with a custardy interior--and the speckled mug in my hand was made by a master craftsman.
It is a cube, four inches high, cloud-like and custardy inside, buttery crisp around the edges.
One look at the custardy Spoon Bread, Caramel Cake with Salted Caramel Frosting, Sweet Potato Lemon Bread or the Key Lime Short Bread Cookies and it's desire at first sight, then comforting love at first bite.
I use low-fat milk to make the pudding, but add an egg yolk at the end to impart just enough richness to make the pudding feel custardy and decadent.
Some are drawn by the deli's silky potato knishes, the custardy noodle kugel, or the Mario Batali-approved corned beef (the chef, who has a summer home in Michigan, has called Zingerman's his "temple of deliciousness").