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Noun1.cut price - a price below the standard pricecut price - a price below the standard price  
inexpensiveness - the quality of being affordable
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He came back home two years ago and now his "fresh start" is Cut Price Tomo's Bargain Warehouse on Parliament Road.
com)-- Cut Price Skips is pleased to announce that they allocate a certain number of each skip size weekly at the special price.
30 ( ANI ): Manchester United will offer an escape route to Nani from the Old Trafford, after making a cut price deal of 12 million pounds with Italian giants Juventus.
International Resource News-April 4, 2011--GS Caltex to cut price of petrol and diesel(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
AFTER So Solid Crew's latest album reached a dismal Number 70 in the charts it seems rapper Romeo is keen to invest in a more secure future - by opening a cut price barber's shop
Now Tesco says it is preparing to flood British stores with thousands of cut price deals from the grey market if the court rules in its favour.
CUT price white spirit is being passed off as vodka by publicans on Tyneside, a consumer watchdog has warned.
Teesside householders are being urged to help boost recycling and composting levels by taking advantage of a special cut price offer.
The supermarkets appear to have lost another round in their battle to sell cut price designer goods.
Pass holders can travel at cut price within Castle Morpeth and also to destinations outside the borough including Alnwick, Ashington, Hexham, Wylam, Throckley and Newcastle.
The multiples fear there is still a long way to go before they can legally import cut price branded goods from outside the EU -- despite the new line apparently being taken in Brussels on the issue.