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1. A reduction or decrease.
2. The surgical insertion of a catheter into a vein, as for the administration of intravenous medication.
Reduced in size; abridged.


1. a decrease or reduction in the number, size, or incidence of anything
2. surgery an incision made to gain vascular access



1. reduction; decrease.
2. the incision of a superficial vein in order to insert a catheter.
3. reduced in size; abridged.
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After the 1994 NAFTA cutdown on trade barriers with Mexico and particularly with the subsequent collapse of the Mexican peso, the regional apparel industry has been devastated by the extreme international competition and has been the industry mainly responsible for regional manufacturing job losses.
We believe the plans may include a cutdown version of a playing field as a pay-off to residents, but we want the whole site preserved.
A percutaneous approach was used in 97% of cases with only one patient subject to a trans-aortic approach and three patients requiring placement with surgical cutdown (2.
In this event, attheraces hopes to continue with its evening broadcast of the popular US racing programme, albeit a cutdown version.
The second and final cutdown will occur Saturday with the Patriots required to get down to 53 players by 6 p.
Start offbytrying to cutdown ontheamountofsugar, saltand fatyoueatandaimto get five portions of fruitandvegaday.
Their aim was to keep it as standard as possible - their accommodation was a cutdown foam mattress across the back seat.
However, it is technically more difficult if a cutdown is used, and theoretically there is less risk of limb ischemia with the radial approach (20).
Through efficiencies, the newspaper will find roughly the same amount of space for stories, photographs and graphics as it had before the cutdown, Pero said.
This discount offers a massive cutdown of $126 from an initial price of $425.
Gillian informed me that we would have to perform a venous cutdown in the operating room.