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1. A reduction or decrease.
2. The surgical insertion of a catheter into a vein, as for the administration of intravenous medication.
Reduced in size; abridged.


1. a decrease or reduction in the number, size, or incidence of anything
2. surgery an incision made to gain vascular access



1. reduction; decrease.
2. the incision of a superficial vein in order to insert a catheter.
3. reduced in size; abridged.
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The letter, whose backers include ex-Labour leader Ed Miliband, warned the planes would lose reliability with age and said some air shows already feature a cutdown Red Arrows fleet.
A number of settlers from the village of Al-Sawiya, south of Nablus, The settlers infiltrated into the Wadi area north of the village of Sawya and cutdown 43 olive trees owned by Jum'a Mohammed Khair Allah.
Randomized clinical trial comparing venous cutdown with the Seldinger technique for placement of implantable venous access ports.
Despite the regional market being abuzz with large-scale project announcements, industry experts say there has been a constant price pressure on companies, partly due to the declining oil prices, and also as a result of the cutdown in government spending on new developments.
Cutdown calls are revered for their bark and pop, but notorious for taking loads of air to operate.
Who will protect us, with a cutdown police force and almost no border force
Afew days before opening--too late, he said, to incorporate the changes he noticed more places to combine scenes, not only to cutdown on the many transitions but also to signal to the audience that certain disparateplots would eventually intertwine.
Insta- gram videos will no longer be a 15-second cutdown oflonger ads but videos spe- cifically created to best use those 15 seconds.
6%) was due mainly by amplification of the trade deficit, but also cutdown own consumption against the backdrop of weak performance farm.
This is no cutdown Korando chassis with a bunch of ancient carry-over engines.
The opposite wall is plastered with pictures charting young McIlroy'ss progress from the toddler with his dad'progress from the toddler with his dad's cutdown clubs, through winning the World Junior Under-10s title to the global star he is now.