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adj. cut·er, cut·est
a. Attractive or pretty in a youthful or dainty way: a cute puppy; a child wearing a cute outfit.
b. Sexually attractive; good-looking: a cute boyfriend.
2. Obviously contrived to charm; precious: "[He] mugs so ferociously he kills the humor—it's an insufferably cute performance" (David Ansen).
3. Clever or witty, especially in an impertinent or evasive way, as in falsely suggesting that one is ignorant about the matter at hand.

[Short for acute.]

cute′ly adv.
cute′ness n.
Word History: Cute was originally a shortened form of acute in the sense "keenly perceptive or discerning, shrewd." In this sense cute is first recorded in a dictionary published in 1731. Probably cute came to be used as a term of approbation for things demonstrating acuteness or ingenious design, and so it went on to develop its own sense of "pretty, fetching."
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Adv.1.cutely - in an attractive manner; "how cunningly the olive-green dress with its underskirt of rose-brocade fitted her perfect figure"


(= sweetly)süß, niedlich
(= cleverly) designed, madeprima (inf), → toll (inf); (= shrewdly)schlau, gerissen
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The midfielder cutely ducked in front of Neuer to fool keeper for both goals.
The sort of try you 'only score in the back garden' one Sky Sports rugby league pundit cutely observed.
Saturday C4 9pm PREMIERE Bipolar Bradley Cooper (above) hooks up with young widow Jennifer Lawrence in a romance as cutely contrived as any Doris Day/Rock Hudson comedy.
SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK SATURDAY C4 9pm PREMIERE Bipolar Bradley Cooper (above) hooks up with young widow Jennifer Lawrence in a romance as cutely contrived as any Doris Day/Hudson comedy.
Seydak's first ball into the box was cleared, but fell back to him, and he cutely found the net on the second effort.
Aberdeen hopes were revived seconds from half-time when - Hamilton cutely headed home.
The girls were dressed in black & white dresses as they cutely posed next to their superstar Mama, who was also dressed in a little black number.
Hold auditions, pick a cutely appropriate song for his workforce of the week to rehearse, make them sing it in public, then get stuck into the real song which they'll perform for the judges.
This time it's with some PAC he cutely calls "4RG," as in "For a Republican Governor.
Slick Sian made it six on the trot when holding her position from one and squeezing round as trouble engulfed the remainder, with the sole exception of slow-starting Farloe Ashes, who cutely cut inside to avoid the mayhem and qualified in second place, beaten four lengths by the 24.
24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Kids love watching videos on tablets, but parents have quickly learned those cutely titled YouTube videos are often intended for more mature audiences.
He could position his car very cutely to try to keep him out.