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A plural of cutis.
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Fergie still wants to stand toe-to-toe, but the wiliness and cutes are missing these days, and all that's left is a flurry of wild swings and a jab which rarely connects.
I was warming to the idea of a Beaujolais bath (preferably with Catherine Deneuve to scrub my back) or maybe a Cutes du Rhune rubdown when Fat Barry from Sales piped up.
So if they change, or grow out of the cutes, it's not a major problem.
The movie is good-looking and technically proficient, but its simplistic, cartoonish style, one-size-fits-all plot resolution, and relentlessly feel-good treatment steamroll the complex issues it raises into pancake flatness--resulting in a comedy with a terminal case of the cutes.
With colorful designs and light, heartfelt messages, Hyper Cutes are sure to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling
Okay, so it's more of the Ellie Goulding-esque 'girl with guitar' cutes but give us that ahead of Matt 'curdle' Cardle any day.