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n. Informal
Variant of cutie.


(ˈkyu ti)

Informal. a charmingly attractive person.
[1760–70, Amer.]
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CUTEY Callum Hoy is a chip off the old block but unlike his dad, he's struck gold before getting his first bike.
But kindhearted Claire Reid, 32, and Alex Demetre, also 32, from Northfield, came forward to provide the canine cutey with a home after reading about an appeal in the Birmingham Mail.
lt;mimicking girlie voice> bye cutey Scott (COB135301/49-52)
He said my daughter was an absolute cutey and he hugged her and gave her a kiss.
1-litres is not going to immediately endear you to the 'eco' engine underneath the bonnet of this Korean cutey.
Tom is my favourite one of the band, he is a cutey.
ONE is a teenage cutey in the first flush of fame, while the other is starting to think about stocking up on anti-wrinkle creams.
This is no vampire, Hollywood-styled cutey horror story.
Whatever the mode, or trim, the little cutey reminded me a lot of Ford''s one-time favourite, the topless Street Ka, although it probably sits somewhere between that and the more orthodox Mazda MX5 drop-top and Peugeot''s 207CC.
He is definitely a cutey and always looks great when he's out and about, but what kind of expectations are they building for him and other eight year olds?
any decay (DK) essay (SA) ivy (IV) beady (BD) easy (EZ) excel (XL) Kewpie (QP) cagey (KG) empty (MT) excess (XS) seedy (CD) cutey (QT) envy (NV) icy (IC) tepee (TP)
HARD house cutey pie Eddie Halliwell is in town tomorrow night when Slide returns to Garlands.