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The calcareous internal shell of a cuttlefish, used as a dietary supplement for cage birds or as a mold for metal casting.

[Middle English cotilbone : codel, cotil, cuttlefish; see cuttlefish + bone, bone; see bone.]


(Zoology) the internal calcareous shell of the cuttlefish, used as a mineral supplement to the diet of cage-birds and as a polishing agent


(ˈkʌt lˌboʊn)

the calcareous internal shell of cuttlefishes, used to make a polishing powder and as a food and beak conditioner for pet birds.


nSchulp m


[ˈkʌtlˌbəʊn] nosso di seppia
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Frozen or fresh, squid requires some simple cleaning, mostly to remove the cuttlebone, head and innards before it can be cut into rings for cooking.
Age studies on daily increments in statoliths and growth lamellae in cuttlebone of cultured Sepia officinalis.
To avoid soft beak in birds, traditional calcium sources like cuttlebone, oyster shell and grit are excellent, but this type of calcium is difficult to absorb, so it is also important to provide the mineral in other forms.
Dolphins can't eat it, so they drag the dead cuttlefish through the sand until its body tears and the cuttlebone pops out.
Asterales: Asteraceae) as the main food source along with cuttlebone as a source of calcium.
MacDonald's "Taxonomy" charts the move from a descriptive, visual register ("beak like a hair" describes this specific feature of a wren's anatomy) to a far more complicated, synaesthetic image: "lime scent in the nose/like scrapings from a goldsmith's cuttle," where the lime scent emanates presumably from the cuttlebone the bird gnaws on.
23) The cuttlebone of the cuttlefish and the shell of the nautilus are both mechanisms to regulate the animal's depth in the sea.
The dolphins make use of a six-step procedure to get rid of the invertebrate's unappetising ink and hard-to-swallow cuttlebone.
In 1935 Picasso, influenced by the French poet Max Jacob, temporarily shifted from painting to derivative and pretentious Surrealistic poetry: "a bedbug of sun eating the fragrance of the dying hour"; "the cuttlebone bites its throne at the lamp" Baldassari treats these effusions with po-faced seriousness.
Cuttlebone (available at pet stores) supplies minerals and is good for beaks.
Age studies based on daily growth increments in statoliths and growth lamellae in cuttlebone of cultured Sepia officinalis.