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Adj.1.cxx - being ten more than one hundred ten
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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1A to SIWZ - tariff groups CXX - estimated electricity demand is 7 199 676 kWh.
A free field (charges X), and the pressure is given by interactions: XxX, ExX, and CxX, hence [D.
Cxx DAVID SCOTT: I lived in mynydd Llandegai then and was snowed in .
De hecho, en el capitulo siguiente, el CXX, se cuenta "como Olimael se torno a la cibdad de Tubante e como presento los cautivos al Gran Turco" (id.
Where each of cxx and vx is a floating point number, while seg_xx is 32 floating point numbers.
Rueda Venancio "Decreto CXX que acepta el del poder ejecutivo nacional de fecha 1 de Noviembre de 1870 organizando la Instruccion publica primaria", en: El Boyacense, Tunja, Julio 15.
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, CXX, Part 3, 253-290.
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society CXX (3) : 253-290.
The Measurement of Productive Efficiency", Journal Royal Statistical Society, Serie A, CXX (Parte 3), pags.
make a clear-cut business case to CXX executives for storage virtualization -- which can literally drive double-digit savings in overall storage budgets.