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Adj.1.cyanobacterial - relating to or caused by photosynthetic bacteria of the class Cyanobacteria
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aeruginosa 2385 produces the cyanobacterial toxin microcystin [toxic, MC(+)], whereas 2386 does not produce microcystin toxin [nontoxic, MC(-)].
Mussels were fed three toxic cyanobacterial strains, with different toxin profiles (presence of MC-LR and MC-LF) and one nontoxic reference strain, over a 3-wk period.
Golden's lab group is tinkering with a cyanobacterial circadian clock to see if it can keep time on a different scale--weeks or hours instead of days, for instance.
This evolutionary sequence will be directly compared to the one inferred from the cyanobacterial phylogeny (WP2).
Various land uses, such as urbanization and agricultural practices, change the amount of nutrients and sediment delivered in watersheds, which can influence cyanobacterial growth.
2% * Other includes outbreaks caused by Salmonella, Campylobacter, Plesiomonas, cyanobacterial toxin(s), or multiple etiologies.
Although body fossils were not observed macroscopically, petrographic analysis of the limestone at 41 m revealed a gastropod fragment, and possible ostracods and sinuous algal or cyanobacterial filaments (Fig.
Many papers dealing with Cyanobacterial diversity in different regions and habitats, e.
Bell SG, Codd GA (1996) Detection, analysis and risk assessment of cyanobacterial toxins.
Quantification of cyanobacterial blooms and cyanotoxins in four large Mississippi lakes.