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 (sī′ə-nōzd′, -nōsd′)
Afflicted with cyanosis.

[From cyanosis.]


(Pathology) pathol another word for cyanotic
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Therefore, neonates with bilateral choanal atresia used to exhibit a recurrent change in oxygenation, became cyanosed during quiet periods, and returned their normal colour when they cried.
We received the patient in dehydrated and cyanosed state with severe respiratory distress, acute abdomen and shock.
O/E--Patient is moderately built, Dyspnoeic and tachypnoeic, not cyanosed.
He subsequently presented in a cyanosed state with severe stridor.
The patient was in cyanosed and asystole condition at first.
The patients given ventilator support were either cyanosed or breathless, with average Sp[O.
On examination the patient was in no distress, was not cyanosed with a blood pressure of 130/80, pulse rate of 80/minute and a respiratory rate of 16/ minute.
He was centrally cyanosed and his chest examination was remarkable for decreased air entry diffusely, prolonged expiratory phase and expiratory wheezes.
Using a pulse oximeter, hypoxia (a condition in which there is an inadequate oxygen supply in the body or a region of the body) can be detected before patients become cyanosed clinically.
Clinical signs included anorexia, emaciation, growth retardation, thirst, chronic diarrhea, and unkempt fur; necropsy often revealed cyanosed splenomegaly, enlargement of mesenteric lymph nodes, and renal cortex congestion and brittleness.