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An inflorescence consisting of a small cuplike structure enclosing a female flower and several male flowers, characteristic of plants in the genus Euphorbia, such as the poinsettia.

[New Latin, from kuathion, diminutive of kuathos, ladle.]


a form of inflorescence of the type found on the poinsettia
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The tiny yellow flowers, called cyathia, encased inside these bracts, seem not to have a purpose and do not attract pollinators .
Chamaesyce species are distinguished with basis on its vegetative morphology, with cyathia nearly identical to those of many species of Euphorbia subg.
5 mm long, 1-4 mm wide, base strongly oblique, rounded to hemicordate, apex rounded or rarely mucronulate, margin entire; cyathia solitary or 3-7 in condensed floriferous axillary shoots in the upper 2-4 nodes, leaves of the floriferous shoots much reduced and elliptic to narrowly obovate; peduncles 0.