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An inflorescence consisting of a small cuplike structure enclosing a female flower and several male flowers, characteristic of plants in the genus Euphorbia, such as the poinsettia.

[New Latin, from kuathion, diminutive of kuathos, ladle.]


a form of inflorescence of the type found on the poinsettia
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Comparative ontogeny of the cyathium in Euphorbia and its allies: exploring the organ-flower-inflorescence boundary.
Euphorbia belongs to family Euphorbiaceae and order Euphorbials with annual and perennial plants which have cyathium in florescence and laticifer.
Nectaries of Chamaesyce, in which nectaries occur in the inflorescence, as in Euphorbia (So 2004) and Poinsettia, but are morphologically extrafloral (the cyathium being comprised of individual flowers of gynoecium or androecium only) might function in pollination as well as potential anti-herbivore defense, depending on the ecological context.