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A news or entertainment program transmitted over the internet.

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told Cybercast News Service in January that the Internal Revenue Code's ban on church electioneering infringes on the free speech rights of religious leaders and that he would urge Congress to pass a measure altering the tax code.
William Maier, a child and family psychologist with Focus on the Family, in an interview with the Cybercast News Service.
The IRRC findings were reported by the Cybercast News Service (CNS) in a series of stories in March.
September 3 - James Plummer was quoted by Cybercast News on red-light camera safety issues.
edu), a PhD student and lecturer at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern who also feeds cybercast reports for Total Sports (http://www.
In addition, nearly 30 events will be Cybercast live on DIRTVision.
In early August, London-based pro-abortion group Marie Stopes International (MSI) opened an abortion mill in Kabul, reported the Cybercast News Service.
As an alternative to the live cybercast, you may call 1-800-322-9079 at the designated time and identify the conference name as Arrow International, Inc.
That tactic smooths out the hiccups in transmission that could otherwise interrupt a cybercast.
Tazneen Kasem, product manager, skills development, CompTIA; Joe Scullion, president, WestNet Learning; and Scott Krone, master instructor, WestNet Learning, will serve as co-presenters for the cybercast.
Lin, the SEF's legal services director, told the Cybercast News Service that during recent visits to the mainland, six Chinese women married to Taiwanese men were accused of violating the Beijing regime's "one-child" policy.