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tr.v. cy·ber·nat·ed, cy·ber·nat·ing, cy·ber·nates
To control (an industrial process) by computer.

cy′ber·na′tion n.


(ˌsaɪ bərˈneɪ ʃən)

the use of computers to control automatic processes, esp. in manufacturing.
[1960–65; cybern(etics) + -ation]
cy′ber•nate`, v.t. -nat•ed, -nat•ing.
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Noun1.cybernation - the control of processes by computer
automation, mechanisation, mechanization - the act of implementing the control of equipment with advanced technology; usually involving electronic hardware; "automation replaces human workers by machines"
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Given that the pressures that underlie mass migration are not likely to recede soon, and the cybernation of the world even less so, this state of affairs will be with us in the years to come.
Humanists must be willing to join picket lines, support economic boycotts, speak out unashamedly against dehumanizing qualities of our civilization; cybernation without thought, bigotry without shame, welfarism without a grudge, segregation for political and economic profit.
cybernation has much in common with the acoustic world and very little in common with the visual world" (p.
There is no question that cybernation does increase the potential for the provision of funds to neglected public sectors.
40) Erkki Huhtamo, "From Cybernation to Interaction: A Contribution to an Archaeology of Interactivity.
Like McLuhan, who believed the message of electricity was implosion and that cybernation would usher in a new single, organic consciousness, Flusser believed that another human, connected, cocreative world was in formation.
First he talks about how "the advance of mechanization and cybernation promises to undermine the security even of those who believe they are safely ensconced in suburbia.
In these times of cybernation, of behavioral analysis, of potential genetic alteration and control, and of growing population pressures, I have wondered--with deep concern--whether we were in danger of following a road that could lead mankind into technological dehumanization and transform us into virtual organic robots.