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1. An interval of time during which a characteristic, often regularly repeated event or sequence of events occurs: Sunspots increase and decrease in intensity in an 11-year cycle.
a. A single complete execution of a periodically repeated phenomenon: A year constitutes a cycle of the seasons.
b. A periodically repeated sequence of events: the cycle of birth, growth, and death; a cycle of reprisal and retaliation.
3. The orbit of a celestial body.
4. A long period of time; an age.
a. The aggregate of traditional poems or stories organized around a central theme or hero: the Arthurian cycle.
b. A series of poems or songs on the same theme: Schubert's song cycles.
6. A bicycle, motorcycle, or similar vehicle.
7. Botany A circular or whorled arrangement of flower parts such as those of petals or sepals.
8. Baseball The achievement of hitting a single, double, triple, and home run in a single game.
v. cy·cled, cy·cling, cy·cles
1. To occur in or pass through a cycle.
2. To move in or as if in a cycle.
3. To ride a bicycle, motorcycle, or similar vehicle.
To use in or put through a cycle: cycled the heavily soiled laundry twice; cycling the recruits through eight weeks of basic training.

[Middle English cicle, from Late Latin cyclus, from Greek kuklos, circle; see kwel- in Indo-European roots.]

cy′cler n.


[ˈsaɪkləʳ] N (US) → ciclista mf
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3136129 covering real-time PCR thermal cycler technology.
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Designed to allow patients to administer their own treatments while they sleep, the Liberty([R]) Cycler was displayed in a bedroom setting to demonstrate how easy and convenient it is for patients to get their treatments at home.
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According to Applied Biosystems, the jury found that MJ Research and its principals, Michael and John Finney, willfully infringed three of Roche's US patents related to PCR process technology and three of Applied Biosystems' patents involving thermal cycler instrument technology.
KGaA ("FMC") (Frankfurt Stock Exchange; FME and NYSE: FMS), will introduce the Liberty[TM] Cycler during the 28th Annual Dialysis Conference, Orlando, Florida, March 1-4, 2008.