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 (sĭk′lĭk, sī′klĭk) or cyc·li·cal (sĭk′lĭ-kəl, sī′klĭ-kəl)
a. Of, relating to, or characterized by cycles: a cyclic pattern of weather changes.
b. Recurring or moving in cycles: cyclical history.
2. Chemistry Of or relating to compounds having atoms arranged in a ring or closed-chain structure.
3. Botany
a. Having parts arranged in a whorl.
b. Forming a whorl.

cy′cli·cal′i·ty (sĭk′lə-kăl′ĭ-tē, sī′klə-) n.
cy′cli·cal·ly adv.


(ˈsaɪ klɪ kəl, ˈsɪk lɪ-)

1. cyclic.
2. (of earnings, value, etc.) fluctuating widely according to changes in the economy or the seasons.
3. Usu., cyclicals. stocks of companies with cyclical earnings.
cy′cli•cal•ly, adv.
cy`cli•cal′i•ty, n.
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Adj.1.cyclical - recurring in cycles


Happening or appearing at regular intervals:


[ˈsɪklɪkəl ˈsaɪklɪkəl] adj (= cyclic) [fluctuation, downturn, recovery] → cyclique; [pattern, change] → cyclique cyclical stockscyclical stocks nplvaleurs fpl cycliques


[ˈsaɪklɪkəl] adjciclico/a


, cyclical
a. cíclico-a, que ocurre en períodos o ciclos.
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Psychological scientist Leona Tam of the University of Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia, and Utpal Dholakia of Rice University hypothesized that a cyclical mindset should make people less likely to defer saving money by boosting their ability to make concrete plans and decreasing overly optimistic thinking about the future.
Contract notice: Provision of cyclical decorations.
Fiscal and monetary policies are used to smooth the cyclical fluctuations in output.
Breast pain can be divided into two types: cyclical, which is associated with menstrual periods, and non-cyclical, which isn't.
Cyclical Stocks: Things You Need to Know in Good Time
At a recent meeting, Compass's management stressed that the recovery in cyclical volumes is likely to be slow.
He said the cyclical movement in economic activity needed to be separated from the trend growth, and in doing so, the Arkansas cycle appears to be leading the U.
Thus while the Tokyo market is beginning to show signs of being top-heavy on the upside amidst growing concern of a cyclical peak in the economy and corporate profits, I believe that investors should not be overly concerned about the short-term, but instead should keep the big picture in mind and basically maintain a "buy on weakness" stance toward Japan.
economy is now well into the second year of a cyclical recovery period.
As Crone examines the cyclical component of economic activity, it also appears that Pennsylvania's cyclical downturns have been more severe than those of the Nation as a whole.
Renewal curves (along with the supporting data) are extremely important because they quickly illustrate the ongoing cyclical cost of capital renewal, are highly accurate yet inexpensive to create, provide the necessary information to allow for multi-year planning, are credible with senior officers, and provide consistent and comparable results across institutions.