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Noun1.cyclicity - the quality of recurring at regular intervals
regularity - the quality of being characterized by a fixed principle or rate; "he was famous for the regularity of his habits"
regular recurrence, rhythm - recurring at regular intervals
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The synchronization and induction of estrus are interesting alternatives in production systems of suckled beef cows, since they enable most of the herd to return to cyclicity and begin a new gestation in a reduced period of time.
Their inspired discussions of work-level cyclicity must be deemed one of the book's major strengths: the analysis is carefully nuanced and multivalent.
These formations are important for a number of reasons including their direct implications in geotechnical problems, the industrial uses of their minerals and rocks, the paleoclimatic interpretations derived from their marked cyclicity, and the new sedimentological models they suggest.
One of those is based on the linear repetition of esker segments (beaded eskers), which refers to the cyclicity of ice melting and its possible connection with climate.
4) Metformin improves ovulation and menstrual cyclicity but these improvements were variable and modest.
role of tectonics in ultimately controlling stratigraphic cyclicity, and the key concept of "shifts in depositional trend at the shoreline" as the central element in practical sequence stratigraphic analysis.
It should be noted, however, that if enough alcohol is given, cyclicity can be completely abolished, as demonstrated in dose-response studies (i.
The drug also restores menstrual cyclicity and fertility, reverses hirsutism, and reduces body mass index.
Together with the possibility of similar responses in the predator species, such factors should be taken into account when striving towards better understanding of cyclicity.
To distinguish between PMDD and depression, physicians need to get patients to keep a prospective symptom diary for at least 2 months so that their complaints can be tracked for cyclicity, according to Dr.
To assess the involution period and reinitiating of the ovarian cyclicity in postpartum female buffaloes, 30 cows buffaloes of similar breed predominance, were randomly selected from a flock of 240 adult animals found in a commercial farm situated in Colorado, Mara county, Zulia state.
Reed: One of the problems in buying a commodity is the cyclicity of the pricing.