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Noun1.cyclicity - the quality of recurring at regular intervals
regularity - the quality of being characterized by a fixed principle or rate; "he was famous for the regularity of his habits"
regular recurrence, rhythm - recurring at regular intervals
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Chronically administered morphine, circadian cyclicity, and intake of an alcoholic beverage.
Admirably, he tries to identify the selective forces that might have acted to induce the changes in mind he sees at various points along the way and argues for a certain cyclicity in mental evolution over time.
Note also that there needs to be a notion of cyclicity, such that the output of the rules can either be recycled through the first level (nation [right arrow
The thickness of varves is variable, depending on the cyclicity of sedimentation.
1984), examining fluctuations in both wolves and moose 195983, suggested that time lags underlie a cyclicity of 38 ([+ or -] 13) years in moose numbers, conforming with an hypothetical allometric relationship.
To distinguish between PMDD and depression, physicians need to get patients to keep a prospective symptom diary for at least 2 months so that their complaints can be tracked for cyclicity, according to Dr.
Personality correlates and cyclicity in positive and negative affect.
Reed: One of the problems in buying a commodity is the cyclicity of the pricing.
In any case, PACCAR has a long tradition of adapting quickly and successfully to cyclicity," added Pigott.