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 (sī′klĭ-zā′shən, sĭk′lĭ-)
The formation of one or more rings in a chemical compound, especially a hydrocarbon.


(ˌsaɪkləˈzeɪʃən) or


the process by which the atoms of a compound become a closed ring
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1] appeared, indicating that partially cyclization reaction occurred during the melt-spinning process, because this band was generally regarded as the featured band of cyclized structure.
It can be seen that with the increase of temperature, the content of most cycloalkanes increased, indicating that the cyclization reaction was accelerated at higher temperatures.
The following step is a classical diazo moiety forming cyclization at low temperature to generate the benzo[c]cinnolines 18-22 as well as the benzoic,h]cinnolines 23-24.
The only difference between the chemical structure of 3-isomangostin and those of [alpha]-mangostin and [beta]-mangostin is the cyclization of the prenyl group at the position-two carbon.
The DON affects animal and human health causing diarrhea, vomiting, gastro-intestinal inflammation, and immunomodulation it dose well in moist and wet conditions, trichothecenes biosynthesis begins with the formation of trichodiene, which undergoes multiple oxygenation, cyclization and esterification reactions [36].
Glutaminyl cyclase (QC), an enzyme found in animals and plants, catalyzes the cyclization of N-terminal Glutamine, and to a lesser extent Glutamate, to pyroglutamate (1).
Included are stereoselective oxidation and reduction methods; stereoselective additions; cyclizations; metatheses and different types of rearrangements; asymmetric transition-metal-catalyzed, organocatalyzed, and biocatalytic reactions; methods for the formation of carbon-heteroatom and heteroatom-heteroatom bonds like asymmetric hydroamination and reduction amination, carboamination and alkylative cyclization, cycloadditions with carbon-heteroatom bond formation, and stereoselective halogenations; and methods for the formation of carbon-sulfur and carbon-phosphorus bonds and asymmetric sulfoxidation.
DQ is a highly reactive intermediate that, after cyclization, undergoes a complex series of redox reactions leading to the production of melanin (Ito, 2006).
For example, it is believed a high degree of cyclization can occur during the cationic polymerization of diene, cyclic and mono olefin monomers.
One of the potential problem of using peptide therapeutics is their ability to provoke immunogenicity of host system, as human immune cells have some receptors such as TLRs for sequence specific peptide patterns of foreign peptides this problem has been approached by cyclization of linear peptides by head to tail cyclization linking their N and C-terminus of polypeptide sequence and PEGylation [38].
The mass spectra showed the ion peak at m/z (303), cyclization of compound 8a was occurred by heating in acetic acid to give 5-hydrazone-2,5-dihydro-2-imino-4-phenylthiophene-3-carbonitrile derivatives 9a-c.