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(ˈsi kloʊ, saɪ-)

n., pl. -clos.
a three-wheeled pedaled or motorized taxi in SE Asia.
[1960–65; < French cyclo(-pousse)=cyclo-, comb. form representing cycle cycle + pousse, appar. short for pousse-pousse jinrikisha (reduplication of pousse, n. derivative of pousser to push)]


a combining form meaning “circle” (cyclometer; cyclotron); “cycle” (cyclothymia); “(of a chemical compound) structured in closed chains” (cyclohexane); “cyclone” (cyclogenesis).
[< Greek kyklo-, comb. form of kýklos circle, ring; c. Skt cakra wheel]
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The session starts with 15 minutes easy riding to warm up, followed by some interval training incorporating cyclo cross skills then 20-30 minutes of sustained riding on a short cyclo cross course.
Johnson, President of Cyclo, said: "I am very optimistic about the future of the orbital polisher with Glas-Aire.
Alan and Vince were third and sixth in Bronte Wheelers' Yorkshire cyclo cross as they started the season in strong form.
In the British Universities Cyclo X championships held at Durham, Bangor University student Ed Roberts finished a fine seventh behind the winner Dave Nichols (Loughborough).
MI Racing elite rider Rick Lister finished an excellent 14th in an international cyclo cross race at Balegem in Flanders and followed it up with an even better performance at St Niklaas where he finished 11th.
Lady riders are Ruth Metcalfe and Chrissy Mckay, with a strong male veterans team from the North Wales Cyclo X group led by Steve Bradbrook, Pete Windsor and Mark Baker.
WARMING up for this weekend's British Universities Cyclo Cross Championships in Scotland, Bangor University''s Ed Roberts followed up his win in round 1 with another victory in round 3 of the Evolution Bikes North Wales Cyclo X league.
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