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or cycl-
1. Circle; cycle: cyclorama.
2. A cyclic compound: cyclohexane.

[Greek kuklo-, from kuklos, circle; see kwel- in Indo-European roots.]


or before a vowel


combining form
1. indicating a circle or ring: cyclotron.
2. (Chemistry) denoting a cyclic compound: cyclohexane.
[from Greek kuklos cycle]


(ˈsi kloʊ, saɪ-)

n., pl. -clos.
a three-wheeled pedaled or motorized taxi in SE Asia.
[1960–65; < French cyclo(-pousse)=cyclo-, comb. form representing cycle cycle + pousse, appar. short for pousse-pousse jinrikisha (reduplication of pousse, n. derivative of pousser to push)]


a combining form meaning “circle” (cyclometer; cyclotron); “cycle” (cyclothymia); “(of a chemical compound) structured in closed chains” (cyclohexane); “cyclone” (cyclogenesis).
[< Greek kyklo-, comb. form of kýklos circle, ring; c. Skt cakra wheel]
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