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1. Meteorology
a. An atmospheric system characterized by the rapid inward circulation of air masses about a low-pressure center, usually accompanied by stormy, often destructive weather. Cyclones circulate counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere.
b. A violent tropical storm, especially one originating in the southwestern Pacific Ocean or Indian Ocean.
2. A violent rotating windstorm, especially a tornado.
3. Any of various devices using centrifugal force to separate materials.

[From Greek kuklōn, present participle of kukloun, to rotate, from kuklos, circle; see kwel- in Indo-European roots.]

cy·clon′ic (-klŏn′ĭk), cy·clon′i·cal adj.
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Adj.1.cyclonic - of or relating to or characteristic of the atmosphere around a low pressure center; "cyclonic cloud pattern"
meteorology - the earth science dealing with phenomena of the atmosphere (especially weather)
2.cyclonic - of or relating to or characteristic of a violent tropical storm; "cyclonic destruction"


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The freaks of cyclonic storms are the rule of cyclonic storms, demolish giant trees, and in the same gust they transport frail infants for miles and deposit them unharmed in their wake.
Let me play at quoits with cyclonic gales, flinging the discs of spinning cloud and whirling air from one end of my dismal kingdom to the other: over the Great Banks or along the edges of pack-ice - this one with true aim right into the bight of the Bay of Biscay, that other upon the fiords of Norway, across the North Sea where the fishermen of many nations look watchfully into my angry eye.
But Captain Davenport refused to be comforted, and by the light of a lantern read up the chapter in his Epitome that related to the strategy of shipmasters in cyclonic storms.
Rob Newcombe, Electrolux's vice president of sales and marketing, agreed that the term cyclonic is not the key to turning consumers' heads, but rather the performance the machine offers.
All feature involute inlets that run 180 degrees around the cyclone circumference to maximize cyclonic separation.
Features include a cyclonic filtration system, remote operation up to 200 feet away, hydraulic powered dumping, a fully supervised control panel and low maintenance design.
But she seemed to have every chance when beaten by one of today's rivals, Cyclonic Storm, last time, despite benefiting from racing close up off a modest pace.
By late that evening, it had mushroomed into what some meteorologists call a bomb-- a cyclonic fury, hundreds of kilometers wide, that develops in less than a day.
com/research/670b67/countries_with_cyc) has announced the addition of GlobalData's new report "Countries With Cyclonic Activity Expected to Witness Rapid Growth in Wind Power Sector" to their offering.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Dec 3 (ANI): Union Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan on Sunday said cyclonic storm Ockhi was likely to move in the northeasterly direction and gradually weaken.
Meanwhile Bihar, still grappling with the large scale devastation and loss of lives in cyclonic storm followed by a quake, was hit by a thunder squall which claimed six lives on Tuesday.