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n. ciclofotocoagulación, fotocoagulación a través de la pupila con un láser, procedimiento usado en el tratamiento de glaucoma.
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In addition to the product unveiling, IRIDEX announced that a scientific poster presentation entitled, "MicroPulse Trans-scleral Cyclophotocoagulation (mTSCPC) for the Treatment of Glaucoma using the MicroPulse P3 Device," will feature results from early clinical application of the new MicroPulse P3 disposable.
Subconjunctival anaesthesia (SCA) has been shown to be effective and safe for a range of ophthalmic surgical procedures, including extracapsular cataract extraction, phacoemulsification, trabeculectomy, phaco-trabeculectomy and contact diode laser cyclophotocoagulation (1-5).
Dillon is also using Endoscopic Diode Laser Cyclophotocoagulation (ECP), a laser treatment that effectively treats all forms of glaucoma and, according to Dr.