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A highly flammable, explosive, colorless gaseous cycloalkane, C3H6, sometimes used as an anesthetic.


(ˌsaɪkləʊˈprəʊpeɪn; ˌsɪk-)
(Pharmacology) a colourless flammable gaseous hydrocarbon, used in medicine as an anaesthetic; trimethylene. It is a cycloalkane with molecules containing rings of three carbon atoms. Formula: C3H6; boiling pt: –34°C


(ˌsaɪ kləˈproʊ peɪn, ˌsɪk lə-)

a colorless, flammable gas, C3H6, used in organic synthesis and as an anesthetic.
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Noun1.cyclopropane - a colorless flammable gas sometimes used as an inhalation anesthetic
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It was the time of cyclopropane and ether-based anaesthesia, succinylcholine and the dawn of d-tubocurarine; halogenated agents and halothane (Fluothaner) were already in use, but the need to purchase the vaporizer and to pay for the high cost of the anaesthetic meant that they were not a practical option.
Even when intravenous alternatives became available, the technique was kept alive by rapid-onset, short-acting anaesthetics such as ethyl chloride, divinyl ether and cyclopropane.
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I remember tucking conductive strips inside my shoes to pre-vent sparks, although the use of explosive anesthetic agents like cyclopropane and ether had by then been abandoned.