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A mood disorder characterized by alternating periods of elevated and depressed mood that are milder than those typical of bipolar disorder. Also called cyclothymic disorder.

cy′clo·thy′mic (-mĭk) adj. & n.
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Adj.1.cyclothymic - of or relating to or exhibiting cyclothymia
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In cases of affective disorders with rapid mood swings, the concept of bipolar spectrum disorders has also been put forward as an inclusive diagnostic choice (5), which expands particularly with regard to the clinical variants of the bipolar II disorder Clinicians and researchers specializing in the subject emphasize the importance of the underlying temperaments as the dispositional dimension and argue that it will be adequate to explain the complicated clinical scenario by cyclothymic and hyperthymic temperaments superimposed by major depression episodes, anxiety-sensitive conditions, dysregulated impulse control and attention, and alcohol and substance abuse and/or bulimic episodes.
Although she describes the manic-depressive mood spectrum fairly accurately, she offers the following: "the research for this study uncovered no formal diagnosis outside of Greene's own statements," but "his condition appears to have evolved from a cyclothymic temperament to a Bipolar II disorder" (67).
What's interesting is that this tends to occur in patients with cyclothymic disorder or bipolar disorder not otherwise specified," he said.
9); major depression and bipolar disorders (296); cyclothymic disorder (301.
Cyclothymic disorder is characterised by a low grade cycling of mood with the presence or history of hypomanic episodes and periods of depression that do not meet the criteria for major depressive episodes.
Tony's behaviour in clinic was diagnosed as cyclothymic (bipolar), and he was difficult to manage, varying from being very excitable to tearful and at times aggressive--all of which were out of character for him.
The soft bipolar spectrum redefined: Focus on the cyclothymic, anxious-sensitive, impulsive-dyscontrol, and binge-eating connection in bipolar II and related conditions.
2008) (during sentencing, accused's sworn testimony concerning diagnosed personality disorder, testimony by a forensic counselor that a doctor had diagnosed accused with cyclothymic disorder, and testimony of the accused's sister concerning a family history of bipolar disorder, did not raise any inconsistency with the accused's guilty plea that triggered military judge's duty to reopen providence).