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 (sə-lĭn′drĭ-kəl) also cy·lin·dric (-drĭk)
1. Of, relating to, or having the shape of a cylinder, especially of a circular cylinder.
2. Mathematics Of or relating to the coordinate system, or to any of three coordinates in it, formed by two polar coordinates in a plane and a rectangular coordinate measured perpendicularly from the plane.

cy·lin′dri·cal′i·ty (-kăl′ĭ-tē) n.
cy·lin′dri·cal·ly adv.
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extending it upon the forecastle deck, he now proceeds cylindrically to remove its dark pelt, as an African hunter the pelt of a boa.
Near the end of May, the sand cherry (Cerasus pumila) adorned the sides of the path with its delicate flowers arranged in umbels cylindrically about its short stems, which last, in the fall, weighed down with goodsized and handsome cherries, fell over in wreaths like rays on every side.
The choices of significantly raised, transverse, cylindrically shaped divided chambers and straight, diametrically positioned channels are compromises between the need to realize optical access, and achieve thorough mixing and high turbulence levels of the prepared charge before ignition.
5% Doxycycline, samples were incorporated with mixed material using cylindrically shaped plastic tubes with an internal diameter of 3 mm and a height of 4 mm.
Nonlinear ion-acoustic (IA) waves driven in a cylindrically symmetric flow.
From differential geometry we know that for the general cylindrically symmetric static space-times given by eq.
Mainly five aberrations occurred in cylindrically symmetric lens systems, and the distortion is one of them.
The suppliers C-Print process digitally prints on a cylindrically shaped package.
Sub-micron-size, cylindrically shaped, carbon nanotubes exhibit extraordinary strength and unique electrical properties, and are efficient conductors of heat.
The vascular tissues are distributed cylindrically with internal xylem and external phloem surrounded by sclerenchyma sheath and a small portion of phloem also occurs in the center of the midrib (Figure 2E).
Many reasons seem to be responsible like Pakistan is located in the most vulnerable region, which is prone to intense climate change and natural disasters due to its diverse range of terrain stretching cylindrically from the Arabian Sea to the Himalayan peaks beside cross cutting issue like poverty, unplanned population growth, urbanization, law and order situation etc.