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n. cilindroma, tumor generalmente maligno visto en la cara o en la órbita del ojo.
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Cylindromas exhibit islands of benign epithelial cells in "jigsaw puzzle" pattern with a hyaline sheath surrounding the epithelial islands (Fig.
This fusion has not been observed in any other SGT except rare cases of PLGA and cylindromas of skin, indicating that it may be a hallmark of AdCC.
Multiple cylindromas (socalled turban tumor) are seen in familial cylindromatosis (Brooke-Spiegler syndrome), which is inherited in an autosomal dominant fashion.
Consequently, cylindromas show hyperactive Wnt signaling.
Rarely, syringoma may be associated with the Brooke-Spiegler syndrome, an autosomal dominant disease characterized by the development of multiple cylindromas, trichoepitheliomas, and occasional spiradenomas.
INTRODUCTION: Cylindromas are benign skin appendageal tumors most commonly occurring on head, neck and scalp.
Malignant transformation occurs more commonly in the multiple variant than the solitary cylindromas.
Multiple cylindromas accompanied by spiradenomas or trichoepitheliomas or both are found in inherited syndromes, such as Brooke-Spiegler syndrome, familial cylindromatosis, and multiple familial trichoepithelioma syndrome.
5%) of spiradenoma; single cases of tubular adenoma, hidradenoma, cylindroma, sebaceoma, and trichoepithelioma (0.
Tauxe WN, McDonald JR, Devine KD: A century of cylindromas.
Mutations in this pathway have been implicated in numerous abnormalities including NBCCS, sporadic basal cell carcinomas, trichoblastomas, trichoepitheliomas (TEs), cylindromas, nevus sebaceous, and dentigous cysts.