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n. pl. cyp·se·lae (-lē′)
An achene fruit derived from an inferior ovary, characteristic of plants in the composite family.

[New Latin, from Greek kupselē, hollow vessel.]


n, pl -lae (-ˌliː)
(Botany) the dry one-seeded fruit of the daisy and related plants, which resembles an achene but is surrounded by a calyx sheath
[C19: from New Latin, from Greek kupselē chest, hollow vessel]
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consist of endothelium in the developing seeds, and the seedcoat does not completely deteriorate in the cypsela of the three species, mainly in C.
The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of irrigation and fungicide application as a function of the FAST forecasting system on the occurrence of diseases and Cypsela yield of two sunflower genotypes sown in regular and late seasons, in the central region of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
Camping Cypsela on the Costa Brava is in the medieval walled village of Pals - home to lots of tapas restaurants and quaint shops.
Added to this list was Cypsela Resort, set on the Costa Brava in Spain's Catalonia region, and it came highly recommended by a work colleague who recalled his "best ever summers in paradise".
curitybensis with the subgenus Baccharis, but recognized that the non-tufted indument, the free style branches of the functionally male flower, the glandular apex of the female flower and the twin trichomes on the cypsela wall not occur in any species of subgenus Baccharis.
Fruit type: capsule loculicidal=0; capsule septicidal=1; berry=2; drupe=3; cypsela, with persistent remains of calyx=4; cypsela, lacking remains of calyx= 5; schizocarp=6.
Well having spent eight nights at Eurocamp's Cypsela resort on the Costa Brava let me tell you, sunshine breaks are alive and kicking.
Two years ago we had a fantastic holiday at the excellent Playa De Pals campsite at Cypsela, Catalonia.
Having experienced various campsites across Europe over the years - both under canvas and in mobile homes - it was quite a shock to come across a full-blown emergency on our arrival at Cypsela, near the village of Pals.