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n. cistograma, rayos-x de la vejiga.
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A voiding cystogram revealed an elongated 'teardrop' bladder with constant indentation and irregularity of the vesical dome suggestive of extrinsic compression with possible mural invasion (Fig.
However, in group C, cystogram showed almost normal shape of urinary bladder.
Results of a cystogram performed 2 weeks after surgery were normal and the patient was then started on leuprolide injectable.
A voiding cystogram should be performed in patients whom a bladder hernia is suspected from the history.
The next step is referral for a bladder X-ray, a cystogram and EMG to trace the muscular contractions in the wall and exit valve by a bladder specialist.
Urinary bladder rupture may be seen in cases of pelvic trauma, although the recommended imaging method to detect a urinary bladder rupture is a cystogram, using direct instillation of contrast into the bladder and imaging with either conventional radiography or CT.
Polysomnogram and cystogram information was not presented here.
Make sure bladder drainage is adequate, and conduct a cystogram approximately 1 week after surgery, he said.
Follow-up consists of a cystogram at 6 weeks, at which time the stent is removed if there is no extravasation.
After placement of a Foley catheter, a cystogram should be performed to rule out bladder rupture.