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A tubular instrument equipped with a light and used to examine the interior of the urinary bladder and ureter.

cys′to·scop′ic (-skŏp′ĭk) adj.
cys·tos′co·py (sĭ-stŏs′kə-pē) n.


n. cistoscopía, examen de la vejiga por medio del cistoscopio.


n (pl -pies) cistoscopia
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Endoscopic company UroViu Corporation said on Thursday that it has passed the US Food and Drug Administration's 510(k) clearance for its Uro-V single-use diagnostic cystoscopic system, with a focus on female patient comfort, tolerability and safety while improving office efficiency in diagnostic cystoscopy.
There was no difference across the 4 groups in the timing to surgeon confidence of ureteral patency, length of cystoscopy (on average, 3 minutes), and development of postoperative urinary tract infections (UTIs).
2) Although this analysis doesn't provide sufficient evidence to definitively justify BLC use to decrease progression, there is overwhelming evidence that BLC does perform better than white light cystoscopy in detecting NMIBC and a more widespread adoption should benefit a decent cohort of the 9000 or so patients diagnosed with bladder cancer each year in Canada.
Thus, if cystoscopy is performed in any circumstances, benefits of hydrodistention must be kept in mind.
Key Words: Cystoscopy, same-day cancellation, veteran care, VA TAMMCS, nursing education, performance improvement.
We're often hesitant to do cystoscopy because we don't want to add time," said Dr.
In their article, the authors illustrate the potential use of MPM to guide bladder biopsy and improve detection of CIS lesions often missed by white light cystoscopy alone.
Cystoscopy was performed as a clinic-based procedure without sedation.
The aim of our study is to assess the role of virtual cystoscopy (VC) with MDCT in diagnosing and evaluating bladder lesions demonstrating potential advantages and pitfalls.
Itt 23 cases with normal bladder necks, the anastomosis was created under the guidance of antegrade cystoscopy with fluoroscopy.
Three months after resection, the patients were followed up by cystoscopy and findings noted.