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Over a 4-year period, after well over 1,000 transvaginal mesh surgeries at our center, we had no death, ICU admission, or transfusion, and our intraoperative complication rate was only 3%, most commonly involving simple cystotomy without long-term consequence.
Early in the study, two patients in the laparoscopy group underwent conversion to laparotomy--one due to parametrial bleeding, the other due to pelvic adhesions and cystotomy, said Dr.
Outcome of tension-free vaginal tape procedure when complicated by intraoperative cystotomy.
who don't have hospital privileges for this procedure, a good alternative is to do a cystotomy with ureteral observation.
For patients with mild or moderate SUI, the Monarc TOT is similar in efficacy to TVT but has a lower rate of cystotomy
Anteriorly above the fistula, a cystotomy was performed and the fistula tract was excised.
18) Women in the hysterectomy group had more surgical blood loss (484 mL vs 227 mL) and suffered more complications (13%), including one cystotomy, one ureteral injury, three bowel injuries, eight cases of ileus, and six cases of pelvic abscess.
If such an injury occurs during abdominal hysterectomy, raise the bladder wall under direct vision away from its attachment to the vagina and cervix before starting a repair to inspect the ureteral orifices through the cystotomy that has been created.
8) Data suggest that an increasing number of C-sections place women at increasing risk of placenta accreta or previa, hysterectomy, blood transfusion, cystotomy, endometritis, prolonged operative time, and longer hospital stays.
Complications included two torn epigastric vessels, one cuff hematoma, and one cystotomy.
Responses from gynecologic surgery fellowship directors (FPMRS and gynecologic oncology) showed that less than 20% of surgical fellows could independently perform a vaginal hysterectomy, just 27% were able to repair a cystotomy, and barely half could perform an abdominal hysterectomy, adequately retract and pack the bowel, recognize surgical complications, or take general gynecologic call independently.