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Adj.1.cytoarchitectural - of or relating to cytoarchitecture
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After 50 years, this book continues to be useful to students and professionals in neuroscience and neuromedicine because of the high level of detail of cytoarchetecture and the extensive field experience of the original author, a pioneer of the modern understanding that cytoarchitectural differences reflect differences in brain function.
This dataset allows for the first time a 3-D exploration of human cytoarchitectural anatomy.
Typical changes include tumor necrosis, a fibrohistiocytic response, peliosislike areas, cytoarchitectural differentiation mimicking nonneoplastic hepatocytes and bile ducts, and hepatocellular carcinoma-like changes.
Cell stiffness may be associated with these cytoarchitectural changes.
An additional function of the increased uterine capacity for protein synthesis may be to facilitate the production of the abundant cytoarchitectural and secreted proteins induced at the end of the uterotrophic response (see below).
Progress has been made in recent centuries through the establishment of cytoarchitectural maps, with most of that progress having been made in the past thirty years.
The famous cytoarchitectural atlases of the early 1900's were simplified drawings of a brain and were based on pure visual analysis of cellular organization patterns," added Dr.