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Any of various proteins, such as the interleukins and lymphokines, that are released by cells of the immune system and act in intercellular communication, especially in regulating inflammation and the immune response.

[cyto- + Greek kīnein, to move; see kinin.]


(Biochemistry) any of various proteins, secreted by cells, that carry signals to neighbouring cells. Cytokines include interferon
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Noun1.cytokine - any of various protein molecules secreted by cells of the immune system that serve to regulate the immune system
protein - any of a large group of nitrogenous organic compounds that are essential constituents of living cells; consist of polymers of amino acids; essential in the diet of animals for growth and for repair of tissues; can be obtained from meat and eggs and milk and legumes; "a diet high in protein"
TNF, tumor necrosis factor, tumour necrosis factor - a proinflammatory cytokine that is produced by white blood cells (monocytes and macrophages); has an antineoplastic effect but causes inflammation (as in rheumatoid arthritis)
lymphokine - a cytokine secreted by helper T cells in response to stimulation by antigens and that acts on other cells of the immune system (as by activating macrophages)
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Long term, however, cytokine activity that accompanies inflammation and chronic infection can lead to depression and other psychological illnesses.
MIAMI BEACH -- Elevated levels of the same cytokine were seen in three serious mental illnesses, but each illness had separate and distinct patterns of inflammatory markers, according to a study of immune function and mental illness.
Samples of gum and cheek tissue, known as oral mucosal transudate, taken that same day showed that those who experienced more of these positive emotions, especially awe, wonder and amazement, had the lowest levels of the cytokine, Interleukin 6, a marker of inflammation.
This flood of inflammatory molecules, known as a cytokine storm, is thought to contribute to flu-related deaths in humans.
Suppressors of cytokine signalling (SOCS) molecules control the flow of chemical messages inside cells and were discovered by institute researchers in the 1990s.
Product Pipeline Review - 2013" provides data on the Cytokine PharmaSciences, Inc.
Modulation of cytokine secretion may offer novel approaches in the treatment of a variety of diseases.
We, the editors of the journal Acta Dermatovenerologica Alpina, Pannonica et Adriatica, would like to retract the paper titled "Association of cytokine gene polymorphisms with psoriasis in cases from the Nile Delta of Egypt" (PubMed PMID: 19784523) published in our journal in 2009 due to duplicate publication.
Ricerca Biosciences, an integrated preclinical pharmaceutical contract research organization (CRO), today announced the introduction of two new state-of-the-art cellular assay services: Early Safety Screening Cytotoxicity and ImmunoSIGNAL Cytokine Storm Cellular Assay.
6) Defects in cytokine production or their expression at the target tissue sites are associated with pathologic states, therefore, delivery of an exogenous cytokine can lead to clinical benefit.
They exhibit improved pharmacokinetics, with a significantly longer serum half-life than either naked cytokine or PEGylated cytokine.
1) This population plays an essential role in regulating autoimmune disease and inflammation by secreting a novel proinflammatory cytokine, Interleukin-17(IL-17); hence these cells are termed "Th17".