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The dissolution or destruction of a cell.

cy′to·lyt′ic (sī′tə-lĭt′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.cytolytic - of or relating to cytolysis, the dissolution or destruction of a cell


a. citolítico-a, que tiene la cualidad de disolver o destruir células.
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Cases of cytolytic hepatitis and hepatitis with jaundice have been observed in individuals receiving sublingual formulations of buprenorphine for the treatment of opioid dependence, both in clinical trials and in post-marketing adverse events reports.
7) Prior research studies in colorectal and ovarian cancer show conflicting results in regards to the cytolytic efficacy of intraperitoneal lavage with sterile water.
GtxA from Gallibacterium anatis, a cytolytic RTX-toxin with a novel domain organization.
The ability of inflammatory immune cells to cause tissue damage within the nervous system is largely governed by soluble mediators including cytokines/chemokines, cytolytic molecules and growth factors.
In a separate poster presentation to be discussed today, data suggest the combination of single-agent ibrutinib administered orally once-daily with ofatumumab, a CD20-directed cytolytic monoclonal antibody administered intravenously, is tolerable in patients with previously treated relapsed or refractory CLL/SLL.
In addition, the quality of the wort obtained from laboratory-scale mashing trials was analyzed, particularly with regard to cytolytic, proteolytic and amylolytic properties.
Cytolytic vaginosis and lactobacillosis, two recently identified disorders characterized by Lactobacillus overgrowth, are often mistaken for vulvovaginal candidiasis.
That approach refers to forcing dormant proviruses to "turn back on," making them "visible" and vulnerable to the immune system's cytolytic "killer" T cells, and then eliminating every last infected cell from the body while antiretroviral drugs prevent any new cells from becoming infected.
Presentation by dendritic cells activates naive CD45+ CD8+ T lymphocytes, leading to secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines such as gamma interferon and cytolytic molecules (granzyme B, perforin and Fas-L).
T [up arrow] IFN[gamma] helper 1 (Th1) [right arrow] activates macrophages and cytolytic T-cells [CD4.
Although BSO treatment decreased both number and cytolytic function of NK cells on day 3 of infection, it increased numbers of M[phi] and CD4(+) T cells.
Mutations in the UNC13D gene (FHL3) interfere with the role Of the encoded protein Mune 13-4 in cytolytic granule exocytosis and FHL4 states the mutations in the STX11 gene and production of syntaxin 11, which also plays a role in cytotoxic granule release.