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n. Abbr. CMV
Any of a group of herpesviruses that attack and enlarge epithelial cells. Such viruses also cause a disease of infants characterized by circulatory dysfunction and microcephaly.


(Microbiology) a virus of the herpes virus family that may cause serious disease in patients whose immune systems are compromised. Abbreviation: CMV


(ˌsaɪ toʊˌmɛg ə loʊˈvaɪ rəs)

n., pl. -rus•es.
a herpesvirus that produces abnormal enlargement of epithelial cells, usu. mildly infectious but a cause of pneumonia in immunodeficient persons and severe systemic damage in the newborn.
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Noun1.cytomegalovirus - any of a group of herpes viruses that enlarge epithelial cells and can cause birth defects; can affect humans with impaired immunological systems
herpes virus, herpes - any of the animal viruses that cause painful blisters on the skin


n. citomegalovirus, grupo de virus pertenecientes a la familia Herpesviridae que infectan humanos y otros animales, y son causantes de la enfermedad de inclusión citomegálica.

cytomegalovirus (CMV)

n citomegalovirus m (CMV)
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What the vast majority of us do harbor in our bodies is the cytomegalovirus.
Matteson said that if it turns out that there is this relationship, then it may be that one way to spot patients who are at higher risk for heart disease would be an immune profile or biomarkers related to the cytomegalovirus and its associated immune activation signalling.
Most importantly, the report provides valuable insights on the pipeline products within the global Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Infections Therapeutics sector.
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Cytomegalovirus is the most common infection passed from a mother to her unborn child.
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Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection is the most frequent congenital infection and a common cause of deafness and intellectual impairment, affecting 0.

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