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Of, relating to, or producing pathological changes in cells.

cy′to·path′o·ge·nic′i·ty (-jə-nĭs′ĭ-tē) n.


causing cytopathy
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Adj.1.cytopathogenic - of or relating to or causing pathological changes in cells
unhealthful - detrimental to good health; "unhealthful air pollution"; "unhealthful conditions in old apartments with peeling lead-based paint"
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We carried out PVSRIPO infections of TRAMP-C2 clones 5 and 6, representing expression extremes, and of clone 1, with intermediate CD155 levels, and assessed viral propagation and cytopathogenicity (Figure 3, C).
The results demonstrated that cells treated with three different sequences of siRNA had a five-fold drop in the amount of infected cells evaluated by direct immunofluorescence test when compared to controls, with no cytopathogenicity due to the treatment.
Cytopathogenicity of Naegleria fowleri for rat neuroblastoma cell cultures: scanning electron microscopy study.
Outside the aquatic environment, betanodaviruses seem to lose their cytopathogenicity very easily.