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n. destrucción de celulas, gen. células cancerosas clonos por medio de quimioterapia.
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In addition, cytoreductive therapy was recommended for high-risk ET patients.
5,8 However, an aggressive cytoreductive surgery and a perioperative intraperitoneal chemotherapy with Mitomycin-C and 5-fluorouracil could be used for appendiceal cancers with peritoneal disseminations.
Shamim Qureshi from JPMC was the first speaker who discussed cytoreductive surgery and the role of HIPEC.
Examples of proposed decision aids that could be developed for patients diagnosed with kidney cancer include the use of cytoreductive nephrectomy for newly diagnosed metastatic disease, and options for management of small renal masses.
4,5] Computed tomography can help assess the extent of disease in patients before and after primary cytoreductive surgery.
The role of cytoreductive surgery in advanced-stage ovarian cancer: a systematic review.
Patients were treated with phlebotomies and cytoreductive treatments in case of PRV and phlebotomies alone in secondary polycythaemia.
The American Society of Clinical Oncology and the Society of Gynecologic Oncology developed consensus recommendations for the appropriate use of NACT and primary cytoreductive surgery for women with ovarian cancer.
Surgery, either with a cytoreductive or curative intent, is the mainstay of therapy for CAPUs.
ALTHOUGH THE USE of neoadjuvant chemotherapy for treatment of women with advanced ovarian cancer has grown significantly in recent years, a new study shows that it is associated with worse overall survival for women with stage IIIC disease, compared with primary cytoreductive surgery.
The figures mentioned above have been taken from data where rituximab was used in lymphoma and other malignant conditions, where it is used in conjunction with other cytoreductive drugs.
Consequently, our two synchronous KT patients received cytoreductive surgery with hyperthermic intra-abdominal chemotherapy and our metachronous KT patient received laparoscopic bilateral oophorectomy.