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Inhibiting or suppressing cellular growth and multiplication.
A cytostatic agent.

cy′to·stat′i·cal·ly adv.


(ˌsaɪtəʊˈstætɪk) biology
having the capability to inhibit cell growth
any substance or treatment that inhibits cell growth


(ˌsaɪ təˈstæt ɪk)

1. inhibiting cell growth and division.
2. any substance that inhibits cell growth and division.
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Contract award notice: Deliveries of cytostatic drugs.
Anemia is sometimes caused by patients taking cytostatic drugs, which also kill healthy cells including red blood cells.
On the right fossa cubitalis, cellulitis and a tender mass were present, although he did not have a history of recent central line or cytostatic treatment on this side.
The global cancer market is becoming increasingly competitive, with two therapeutic classes, namely antineoplastics and cytostatic hormonal treatments, dominating this sector.
Contract award notice: Supply of leasing with option to purchase a robot for the preparation of cytostatic drugs for the pharmacy service of the department of health valencia-dr.
Lori will address the international conference on the subject of "Virostatics: a new class of immunomodulators with dual antiviral and cytostatic properties to inhibit viruses and protect the immune system from hyperactivation during chronic infections.
Contract award notice: Supply of cytostatic drugs necessary for the implementation of chemotherapy services, Drug programs and therapeutic health programs.
In addition to the potent cytostatic drug, zotarolimus, Endeavor is coated with phosphorylcholine (PC Coating), a biocompatible polymer designed to simulate the outside surface of a red blood cell and mimic the structure of the natural cell membrane, leading to an optimal healing response around the stent following implantation.
The cytostatic hormonals market, which has benefited from strong growth over the previous five years, no longer appears to be the growth driver it once was, as generic competition and a lack of innovation reduces prospects for growth.
Contract award notice: supply of drugs and cytostatic drugs 63 / pn / 2016.
Due to the cytostatic nature of several MTTs, significant tumor regressions will likely be achieved when combined with cytotoxics.