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(zä-rē′nə, tsä-) also tsa·ri·na (tsä-, zä-)
The wife of a Russian czar.

[Alteration (perhaps influenced by Latin rēgīna, queen) of Russian tsaritsa; see czaritza.]


(zɑːˈriːnə) (zɑːˈrɪtsə) ,




(Historical Terms) variant spellings (esp US) of tsarina or tsaritsa. See tsarina


(zɑˈri nə, tsɑ-)

n., pl. -nas.
the wife of a czar; Russian empress.
[1710–20; czar + -ina feminine suffix (as in Christina), modeled on German Zarin empress =Zar Czar + -in feminine suffix]
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Noun1.czarina - the wife or widow of a czarczarina - the wife or widow of a czar    
female aristocrat - a woman who is an aristocrat


[zɑːˈriːnə] Nzarina f


nZarin f


[zɑːˈriːnə] nzarina
References in classic literature ?
She is the Czarina Catherine, and she sail from Doolittle's Wharf for Varna, and thence to other ports and up the Danube.
From him we inquire o f the goings of the Czarina Catherine.
For it soon became apparent to all that the Czarina Catherine would not sail as was expected.
Van Helsing roughly put the facts before us first, "The Czarina Catherine left the Thames yesterday morning.
Although UST managed to keep it close until the final two points, with Rondina tying the third set at 23-23 after the Golden Tigresses were down 22-17, FEU still had the final laugh after Bernadeth Pons and Czarina Grace Carandang lifted the Lady Tamaraws in crunch time.
InfiniEDGE and Teknarus are very similarly aligned companies, not only in technology and services, but in our corporate values and goals as well, InfiniEDGE CEO Czarina Walker said.
The exhibit features loans of some of those paintings sold to the czarina.
TELEVISION czarina and film- maker Ekta Kapoor doesn't allow any man to take her for a ride.
Czarina Santos-Borja as its new Medical Director of Geriatric Services.
There's some good news for Microsoft as the recently launched Surface tablet has drawn a "Wowser," from the celebrity talk show Czarina - Oprah Winfrey.
Alice Blohm, Rosalyn Pearson, Czarina Wong, Elen Stahl and Laura Dryburgh researched a number of possible solutions before settling on the idea of generating electricity using a renewable resource.