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or tsa·ri·na  (zä-rē′nə, tsä-)
The wife of a Russian czar.

[Alteration (perhaps influenced by Latin rēgīna, queen) of Russian tsaritsa; see czaritza.]


(zɑːˈriːnə) (zɑːˈrɪtsə) ,




(Historical Terms) variant spellings (esp US) of tsarina or tsaritsa. See tsarina


(zɑˈri nə, tsɑ-)

n., pl. -nas.
the wife of a czar; Russian empress.
[1710–20; czar + -ina feminine suffix (as in Christina), modeled on German Zarin empress =Zar Czar + -in feminine suffix]
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Noun1.czarina - the wife or widow of a czarczarina - the wife or widow of a czar    
female aristocrat - a woman who is an aristocrat


[zɑːˈriːnə] Nzarina f


nZarin f


[zɑːˈriːnə] nzarina
References in classic literature ?
She is the Czarina Catherine, and she sail from Doolittle's Wharf for Varna, and thence to other ports and up the Danube.
From him we inquire o f the goings of the Czarina Catherine.
For it soon became apparent to all that the Czarina Catherine would not sail as was expected.
Van Helsing roughly put the facts before us first, "The Czarina Catherine left the Thames yesterday morning.
President Aquino also designated Marcia Czarina Corazon Medina-Guce as member of the Governing Board, representing the private sector, National Nutrition Council, Department of Health; Karen Ida Alparce-Villanueva as member, Employers Sector Representative, Board of Directors, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation; and Lakshmi Irojo Legaspi as Acting Director IV, Department of Health.
But the threat to her life which the BSP czarina, Mayawati, felt from the SP "goons" in 1995 led to a permanent breach between the two parties.
With the czarina of high fashion in the country, Ritu Kumar, sharing her vision with us, Cbazaar 'EthnoVogue' gets a distinct edge and a high-definition," added Nahar.
Soap czarina Ekta Kapoor tracked the unusual romantic journey of a middleaged, overweight man in the hit show Bade Achche Lagte Hai .
The exhibit features loans of some of those paintings sold to the czarina.
Czarina Santos-Borja as its new Medical Director of Geriatric Services.
Reconstructed here was one such effort, The Gilded Summer Palace of Czarina Tatlina, 1969-70/2012, a room bedecked with tinfoil stars and stanchions, gossamer streamers, and Byzantine bibelots, which had been conceived as a refuge for a drag queen alter ego he dreamed up for Vladimir Tatlin.