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 (zä-rĭt′sə, tsä-rēt′-)
An empress of Russia.

[Russian tsaritsa : tsar', czar; see czar + -itsa, feminine suff.]
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Noun1.czaritza - the wife or widow of a czarczaritza - the wife or widow of a czar    
female aristocrat - a woman who is an aristocrat
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John Oxx, trainer of Dossier, Czaritza and Genny Lim
JOCKEY Johnny Murtagh shrugged off the setback of the three-day suspension he picked up at York to set yesterday's meeting at Tipperary alight with a sparkling four-timer through Mombassa, the odds-on pair Kiltubber and Hanabad, and Czaritza.
JOHN OXX, who sent out four winners at the two Bank Holiday meetings on Monday, was again to the fore on Tuesday evening when successful with the John Murtagh-ridden pair White Queen and Czaritza, writes Alan Magee.