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(French dɛ̃di)
(Biography) (Paul Marie Theodore) Vincent (vɛ̃sɑ̃). 1851–1931, French composer. His works include operas, chamber music, and the Symphony on a French Mountaineer's Song (1866)

In•dy, d'


Vincent, 1851–1931, French composer.
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For Proksch, the importance of d'Indy to the early stages of the Haydn revival is most evident in the way some of d'Indy's scholarly interests anticipated many later trends in Haydn scholarship, most notably the use of distant key areas, instances of cyclic integration, editorial practice, and the influence of C.
Aqui estudie en la Schola Cantorum que fundo Vincent D'Indy y despues en L'Ecole Normale de Musique con Michel Merlet, condecorado con la Legion de Honor.
Unlike Villa-Lobos, who embraced a sense of nationalism in his works, Velasquez's style exhibits a musical language and form that was influenced primarily by the harmonic structure of early romanticism and French impressionism, particularly that of Debussy, D'Indy, and Franck.
Vincent d'Indy (1851-1931) suggests another interesting definition of rhythm being considered as the order and proportion in space and time (Giuleanu, 1986).
Il pouvait escompter, parmi les lecteurs du Figaro, des spectateurs d'Esther, chez lesquels le souvenir de la piece serait assez frais pour qu'ils dechiffrent la double allusion, et apprecient son travail litteraire (l'annee suivante Proust poursuivrait, dans un autre extrait de Swann et autour d'un opera wagnerien de D'Indy recemment donne, un fil allusif tout aussi subtil (25)).
Topics include his astronomical interests; his business relationship with publisher Auguste Durand; his relationships with Jules Massenet, Vincent d'Indy, and Charles Lecocq; his performances; his involvement in the Societe Nationale, the Societe des Compositeurs, and the Societe des Concerts du Conservatoire de Paris; his travels; influences in his music, including Rameau's keyboard music and the lyres and citharas of antiquity; his advocacy for music education in elementary school; his silent film music; his thoughts on the future of music; and his piano concertos in comparison to Ravel's.
From the 1920s, another late-Romantic composer to appear in the repertoires of leading Czechoslovak orchestras was France's Vincent d'Indy.
Stove scolds with delightful ferocity earlier commentators on Franck and even crosses swords with the long-dead translator of what was once the semi-authoritative Franck biography, by Vincent d'Indy, published in 1906.
Champion jump trainer Guillaume Macaire goes for a four-timer in the Group 3 Prix d'Indy with Esmondo.
uk MONDAY Organist Colin Druce - Schmidt, d'Indy, Liszt: Coventry Cathedral, 1pm.
Most damning in this respect is the patently anti-Semitic opera of Vincent d'Indy, La Legende de Saint Christophe (Annie-Laure Druner).
Aunque un poco a la inversa (el orden de los factores no altera el producto), este reencuentro de Isaac Albeniz con sus origenes presupuso primero un encuentro con la musica francesa de la epoca, y un poco o un mucho porque asi lo estipulaban los canones; en terminos humanos desemboco en una cercana y determinante amistad con Paul Dukas, Gabriel Faure, Vincent D'Indy, Ernest Chausson y con el propio Claude Debussy, en una camaraderia que gozosamente redundaria en fraternidad artistica.