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(French dɛ̃di)
(Biography) (Paul Marie Theodore) Vincent (vɛ̃sɑ̃). 1851–1931, French composer. His works include operas, chamber music, and the Symphony on a French Mountaineer's Song (1866)

In•dy, d'


Vincent, 1851–1931, French composer.
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This job fell to Vincent d'Indy when Carmen was played at the Opera-Comique in 1875.
Today, the collection keeps musical manuscripts in the hands of Belgian composers such as Jules Denefve (1814-1877), and many unique Belgian editions of the 18th century, as well as concert programs, posters, letters, and autographs from the hands of famous musicians and composers (including Alban Berg, Alfred Cortot, Vincent d'Indy, Ernest Ansermet, Charles-Marie Widor, and Guillaume Lekeu).
Topics include his astronomical interests; his business relationship with publisher Auguste Durand; his relationships with Jules Massenet, Vincent d'Indy, and Charles Lecocq; his performances; his involvement in the Societe Nationale, the Societe des Compositeurs, and the Societe des Concerts du Conservatoire de Paris; his travels; influences in his music, including Rameau's keyboard music and the lyres and citharas of antiquity; his advocacy for music education in elementary school; his silent film music; his thoughts on the future of music; and his piano concertos in comparison to Ravel's.
From the 1920s, another late-Romantic composer to appear in the repertoires of leading Czechoslovak orchestras was France's Vincent d'Indy.
Stove scolds with delightful ferocity earlier commentators on Franck and even crosses swords with the long-dead translator of what was once the semi-authoritative Franck biography, by Vincent d'Indy, published in 1906.
Champion jump trainer Guillaume Macaire goes for a four-timer in the Group 3 Prix d'Indy with Esmondo.
uk MONDAY Organist Colin Druce - Schmidt, d'Indy, Liszt: Coventry Cathedral, 1pm.
Likewise, turn-of-the-century music journals reveal quite a few articles on French music, especially regarding pedagogy, the tours of Saint-Saens and D'Indy, the reception of Debussy, and the like.
The French pair of Escort Boy, winner of the Grand Prix de Pau and Tiger Groom, who was successful in the Prix Jacques d'Indy, also have the race as a possible target.
Chabrier knew Gounod and Saint-Satins, who patronized him as a "weekend musician," and Franck and D'Indy, who called him "l'ange de cocasse"--"angel of wit.
The manuscript earlier belonged to the composer Marcel Labey, wlio taugbt at the Schola Cantorum in Paris, and who was a close friend of Vincent d'Indy.
Belinguier earned more than half the ballots in the first round of voting from the 50-member council on Monday, defeating the incumbent Edouard de Rothschild and previous vice-president Jean d'Indy.