da Vinci

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da Vin·ci

 (də vĭn′chē, dä), Leonardo

da Vinci

(də ˈvɪntʃɪ)
(Biography) See Leonardo da Vinci

da Vin•ci

(də ˈvɪn tʃi, dɑ)
Leonardo, Leonardo da Vinci.
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Noun1.da Vinci - Italian painter and sculptor and engineer and scientist and architectda Vinci - Italian painter and sculptor and engineer and scientist and architect; the most versatile genius of the Italian Renaissance (1452-1519)
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In this same library we saw some drawings by Michael Angelo (these Italians call him Mickel Angelo,) and Leonardo da Vinci.
Here in Milan, in an ancient tumble-down ruin of a church, is the mournful wreck of the most celebrated painting in the world--"The Last Supper," by Leonardo da Vinci.
Wherever you find a Raphael, a Rubens, a Michelangelo, a Carracci, or a da Vinci (and we see them every day,) you find artists copying them, and the copies are always the handsomest.
New creative enthusiasm, also, and magnificent actual new creation, followed the discovery of the old treasures, creation in literature and all the arts; culminating particularly in the early sixteenth century in the greatest group of painters whom any country has ever seen, Lionardo da Vinci, Raphael, and Michelangelo.
That fact I saw again in the Academmia at Naples, in the chambers of sculpture, and yet again when I came to Rome and to the paintings of Raphael, Angelo, Sacchi, Titian, and Leonardo da Vinci.
President Rodrigo Duterte tried to impress on newly appointed government officials the importance of being exemplars of the fight against corruption, and freely revised a dubious story about painter Leonardo da Vinci to stress the point.
A PORTRAIT of Christ by Leonardo da Vinci has shattered the record for the most expensive artwork after being sold for PS342million.
A rediscovered artwork by Italian Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci was set to be auctioned Wednesday in New York for at least $100 million.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Sept 9 (ANI-BusinessWire India): In an effort to familiarise surgeons and hospital administrators in Trichy and Madurai with computer-assisted surgeries, the da Vinci surgical robot will drive into these cities on September 11 for a live demo.
To make his students more interested in art history, professor Sylvain Tremblay came up with a novel idea: to make a documentary film about Leonardo Da Vinci.
Canadian University Dubai and Sylvain Tremblay, a Montreal/New York-based artist and former lecturer in Art History at the university, premiered a documentary titled The Master Project: Leonardo Da Vinci, which follows the life of the renowned Renaissance artist at the Chateau du Close Luce in Amboise, France on June 24.
The contribution of Leonardo da Vinci (1) to many spheres of human endeavor are too well-known to need enumeration.