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or da·da  (dä′dä)
A European artistic and literary movement (1916-1923) that flouted conventional aesthetic and cultural values by producing works marked by nonsense, travesty, and incongruity.

[French dada, hobbyhorse, Dada, of baby-talk origin.]

Da′da·ism n.
Da′da·ist adj. & n.
Da′da·is′tic adj.


(ˈdɑːdɑː) or


(Art Movements) a nihilistic artistic movement of the early 20th century in W Europe and the US, founded on principles of irrationality, incongruity, and irreverence towards accepted aesthetic criteria
[C20: from French, from a children's word for hobbyhorse, the name being arbitrarily chosen]
ˈDadaist n, adj
ˌDadaˈistic adj
ˌDadaˈistically adv


(ˈdɑ dɑ)

a movement in early 20th-century art and literature whose exponents challenged established canons of art, thought, and morality through nihilist works and outrageous behavior.
[1915–20; < French: hobby horse, childish reduplication of da giddyap]
da′da•ism, n.
da′da•ist, n., adj.
da`da•is′tic, adj.
da`da•is′ti•cal•ly, adv.


(c. 1915–23) An art movement originating in Zurich 1915, Dada (the name chosen at random) rejected accepted aesthetic values and advocated an irrational form of non-art or anti-art. Leading figures included the poet Tristan Tzara and the sculptor Jean Arp.
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Noun1.Dada - an informal term for a fatherdada - an informal term for a father; probably derived from baby talk
begetter, father, male parent - a male parent (also used as a term of address to your father); "his father was born in Atlanta"
2.dada - a nihilistic art movement (especially in painting) that flourished in Europe early in the 20th century; based on irrationality and negation of the accepted laws of beauty
art movement, artistic movement - a group of artists who agree on general principles


A. Ndada m, dadaísmo m
B. ADJdadaísta


n (Art) → Dada m
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The arraignment however did not hold as it was not listed for hearing on Wednesday before Justice Dada.
Dada Vaswani with his trademark smile during his visit to Dubai earlier this week enroute Pune after meeting the Pope in Rome.
El estallido de Dada quedo en eso, como debio ser, y el surrealismo se convirtio en una escuela que influiria a muchos otros artistas contemporaneos de varias disciplinas, pintura, escultura, instalaciones, poetas (Octavio Paz fue su admirador) y hasta cineastas (Luis Bunuel).
WNO Chairman Mark Molyneux says: "I'm delighted that Martyn Ryan and Toks Dada have joined us and are adding their wide range of experience and skills to our strong team.
D Singh Babu, another legend who had played along side Dada Dhyan Chand and Dada Kishen Lal.
A photo in Paula Kamenish's Mamas of Dada shows Hennings, petite and pixie-like, looking defiantly at the camera.
NASDAQ: JD) has entered into a definitive agreement under which its O2O business, JD Daojia, will merge with Chinese crowdsourcing delivery platform Dada Nexus Ltd.
Ball wrote the first Dada manifesto in July 1916; Tzara, who became the movement's chief spokesman, produced the influential second manifesto in 1918.
En las ultimas lineas de la introduccion, Rasula afirma contundente que "sin Dada, la vida moderna tal como la conocemos tendria un rostro muy, muy diferente; de hecho, dificilmente podria calificarse de moderna".
com)-- DADA Company is taking children's day to the next level by offering their whole catalog at a 50% discount for the month of April, available exclusively on App Stores worldwide and containing some of the most popular and multi-award winning apps for children.
This time, the show is commemorating the anniversary of the 100th year of the Dada art movement with a reference to collage work criticizing the Weimar Republic, established in 1919.
DUTCH OPTICIAN Clyde Nobibux was named the winner of the inaugural DADA design competition launched by British eyewear company TD Tom Davies.