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adj. Chiefly Southern US
Used as an intensive to express mild annoyance.

[Alteration of goddamn.]
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Assisting Venus is his first feature film; his second, an over-the-top comedy entitled Dadgum, Texas, completed principal photography in July.
Fahey plays Jennie Lee's proud father and the mayor of the small town of Dadgum.
Yessiree-Bob, we're gonna rustle up some squirrels, suck on some hay straw, fry up some catfish, eat some Moon Pies and tell lies about how Diddy killed that cockfight cheat with a deer knife, and git us some dadgum votes.
For the same dadgum thing he went to the pokey for the first time.
John McLemore -- a QVC and Paula Deen Favorite Cook -- Offers 10 DADGUM Good
He is also the author and self-publisher of two successful cookbooks, Dadgum That's Good
If it's leaking, let's fix the dadgum thing," Steele said.
He was a career Army brat, who'd lived all over, most recently in Germany, maybe the only kid in the whole dadgum school who'd taken a breath outside the United States of Texas.
It looks like we were really lucky, but Bill was so dadgum smart.
I see a lot of people," the organizer says, "and I think, 'There's a dadgum Muslim.
It froze up pretty dadgum quickly," said Rod Smith, assistant chief with Lane County Fire District No.
When you look back at it you think, 'That's pretty dadgum hard and there's not a lot of people that can jump what I just jumped.