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adj. daf·fi·er, daf·fi·est Informal
1. Silly; foolish.
2. Crazy.

[From obsolete daff, fool, from Middle English daffe; probably akin to dafte, foolish; see daft.]

daf′fi·ly adv.
daf′fi·ness n.


adj, daffier or daffiest
informal another word for daft1, daft2
[C19: from obsolete daff fool; see daft]


(ˈdæf i)

adj. -fi•er, -fi•est. Informal.
silly; weak-minded; crazy.
[1880–85; obsolete daff fool]
daf′fi•ly, adv.
daf′fi•ness, n.
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Informal. Afflicted with or exhibiting irrationality and mental unsoundness:
Informal: bonkers, cracked, gaga, loony.
Chiefly British: crackers.
Idioms: around the bend, crazy as a loon, mad as a hatter, not all there, nutty as a fruitcake, off one's head, off one's rocker, of unsound mind, out of one's mind, sick in the head, stark raving mad.


[ˈdæfɪ] ADJchiflado


[ˈdæfi] adj (= daft) → bébête
References in classic literature ?
I reckon the daffy old bounder don't know no more'n we do about it," growled the rat-faced sailor.
Why, it's what I'm obliged to keep a little of in the house, to put into the blessed infants' Daffy, when they ain't well, Mr.
THE STORY: New Warner Bros boss Kate Houghton (Elfman) decides Daffy Duck isn't funny enough and fires him.
DJ returns home, dejected, with Daffy in tow, only to discover that Damien has been kidnapped by the dastardly criminal mastermind Mr Chairman (Steve Martin).
Businesses tended to focus on the wrong indicators, Daffy said.
A normal working day turns into a life-changing experience when Vice President of Comedy, Kate Houghton, (Elfman), fires Daffy Duck and orders DJ to escort the feathery icon off the studio lot.
Betting on the amount of games the British will win or if they'll win a set is the only way to spark interest,' Daffy said.
The infamously short-tempered and devious Daffy Duck stars in LOONEY TUNES: DUCK AMUCK, developed by WayForward Technologies, for the Nintendo DS system.
Stephen Dahill, or Daffy, is a singer/songwriter from Glasgow and has shades of Morrissey, Pink Floyd and Edwyn Collins.
Following his opinion about Scherzinger, he has publicly labelled her as "ditzy Daffy Duck".
Though I don't remember Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck ever learning a lesson, except for maybe ``Don't work in a comedy feature with Michael Jordan.
Daffy Duck is manic, explo- sive, and unpredictable.